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Having Perspective in Difficult Times – Ayden Zayn

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1) Solving the Problem of Evil in Two Minutes
2) Having Difficulty in Life? Think About the Hereafter For Perspective
3) Can Muslims Grieve Over the Death of a Loved One?
4) Islam is an Exercise For Your Heart and Soul
5) A Quick Pep Talk For Praying Fajr On Time

When the originally scheduled khateeb is a no-show, Ayden Zayn is called upon to deliver the khutbah. Caught off guard and unprepared, he decides to speak on a topic near-and-dear to his heart: struggle. Relying upon his favorite hadith as a starting point, he delivers what turns out to be an impromptu, but deeply touching talk. He first looks at the purpose of struggle and difficulty. Then he prescribes a simple formula that can help Muslims deal in trying times. In the process, he defines the ultimate purpose of Islam itself, then asks the believers to reflect upon a simple analogy that can provide the perspective necessary to realize and fulfill this purpose.