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Family Values – Ahmad Sakr

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This lecture is part 2 of a complete series of 8 lectures entitled “Family Counseling in Islam: Building a Loving Muslim Family”. To play each session press the play icon or scroll through them using the NEXT and PREVIOUS buttons below.

1) An Overview of Islamic Social Services
2) Family Values
3) The Husband-Wife Relationship
4) Family Conciliation
5) The Accepted Dua
6) Divorce and Reconciliation
7) Recommendations to the Husbands
8) Depression: Prevention and Healing

To play each chapter for this session press the play icon below.

1) Dua
2) Defining a Family
3) The Vatican and Islam
4) Proselytization
5) Family Values Are Based on Morality
6) Protecting From Shaitan
7) Social Activities
8) Lowering Your Gaze
9) Modest Dress
10) The Five C’s
11) Raising Children
12) Children Respecting Parents
13) The Power of Dua
14) Death and the Grave

Dr. Ahmad Sakr, a dedicated social worker in Islam, gives valuable advice for family-building according to the Qur’an and Sunnah. What are family values built upon in Islam, and how do we protect the family? Dr. Sakr sums up this vast tradition in Islam by discussing the importance of the extended family, the need for social activities and sports activities, respect and courtesy, the methodology of raising and communicating with children, encouraging marriage, gratitude to mothers, and dua’s for protection.