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Introducing Islam to Muslims and Non-Muslims – Ahmad Sakr

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1) What is Islam and Who is Allah?
2) Who Was Muhammad (P)?
3) Islamic Principles
4) The Family Tree
5) The Human Life Cycle
6) The Holy Qur’an
7) Islamic Practices
8) Places of Worship, Celebrations, Calendar
9) Contributions of Early Muslims
10) Muslims in America

A comprehensive session presenting the basics of Islam to young Muslims. Ahmad Sakr’s unique and illustrative presentation answers the following questions in a simple manner: What is Islam, who is Allah, who was Prophet Muhammad (P), what is the Qur’an, what do Muslims believe, what is the human life cycle, and what were some contributions of early Muslims. With his engaging style, Dr. Sakr achieves the objective of educating the young audience about the basics and empowers them with the ability to convey the message more effectively to their non-Muslim friends. Ideal for Muslim parents and their young children. Other topics discussed: the innocence of people at birth, dietary restrictions, the Muslim character, and being proud of Islam. (Duration: 1 hour, 17 min) Ahmad Sakr was educated at the American University in Beirut and the University of Illinois where he received his PhD. He received his Islamic education through the late Grand Mufti of Lebanon and from other scholars. He was a founding member and president of the Muslim Students’ Association and also a founding member of the World Council of Mosques in Makkah. Currently, he is president of the Foundation for Islamic Knowledge and has written over 56 books about Islam, not including the many articles he has published.