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Parents, Youth and Family: Q&A Panel – Mokhtar Maghraoui, Mohammad Yunus, Zulfiqar Ali Shah and Tayyib Yunus

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1) A Breakdown in Communication Between the Parents and Youth
2) The Parent-Child Relationship
3) Children Need to Be Involved
4) Music: Haram or Halal?
5) Marrying Christians or Jews
6) Parents: Get Your Children Married Early
7) Marriage Among Cousins
8) What is the Purpose of Hijab?
9) Can Women Travel Alone For College, Etc.?
10) Sexual Temptation is Real! Get Them Married!!

All too often there is tension and lack of communication within the Muslim family because of the wide gap that exists between the immigrant parents and the indigenous children. This session is meant to look at this crucial situation and to put the many sensitive issues on the table in an effort to narrow that gap. The following issues are discussed: educating the youth at an early age, the issue of music in Islam, marriage of Muslim men with the People of the Book, marriage at an early age, how two people interested in marriage can talk with one another, the purpose of hijab, wearing tight-fit clothes, sisters traveling alone, and the importance and priority of marriage.