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Muslims in America: Surviving After September 11th – Siraj Wahhaj

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1) Muslims on the Defensive Since 9/11
2) Most People Are Asleep
3) We Must Do More Than Preach Peace
4) Most People Are Defenseless
5) Can We Live Together In Peace?
6) Majoring in the Minor
7) The Art of War: Defeating Your Enemy
8) Making Friends Look Like Enemies
9) A Climate of Fear
10) Our Job Here In America
11) Questions and Answers

Ancient Chinese author and military general Sun Tzu once wrote, “The greatest achievement in war is to be able to defeat your enemy without shedding a drop of blood.” In a post 9/11 world where a legitimate fight against terrorism has turned into a relentless attack on the religion of Islam, are Muslims being defeated in the manner which Tzu describes? What must ordinary Muslims do to survive in such a climate of fear and widespread prejudice, which is fueled by extremism and media bias? Is it wise for Muslims to take a defensive stance in response to such circumstances? Siraj Wahhaj delivers a wake-up call for Muslims who may be cowering in the face of ignorance and encourages them to go on the offensive, not with violence, but with the truth contained in the Holy Qur’an. Other topics discussed: suicide, taking Jews and Christians as friends, the balance between peace and justice, and the modern “magicians” that are fooling the masses of people. (Duration: 1 hour, 8 min) Siraj Wahhaj, imam of Masjid Taqwa in New York, is a dynamic speaker and tireless supporter of Islamic causes. He accepted Islam in 1969 and attended Ummul Qura University. He is the former vice president of ISNA and has served on the Majlis Ash-Shura since 1987. He received high praises for initiating anti-drug patrols in 1988.