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Muslims in America: Hopes and Realities – Jamal Badawi

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1) Our Concern Should Be For Everyone
2) We Must Turn to Allah
3) Strengths of the Islamic Teachings
4) Strengths of the Muslim Ummah
5) Weaknesses of the Muslim Ummah
6) Disease #1: Loyalty to Other Than Allah
7) Disease #2: Lack of Understanding
8) Disease #3: Disunity
9) Reasons For Hope
10) What About Kalifah?
11) Interest and Credit Cards

Despite the nobility and strength of the message it claims to carry, the Muslim community as a whole is suffering from many of the same social and spiritual ills that are plaguing the non-Muslim community. Why is this the case and how does Islam provide hope when it’s so easy to have such a bleak outlook? Through his typically concise and scholarly approach, Jamal Badawi presents the answers to these important questions by analyzing the respective strengths and weaknesses of the Muslim ummah as well as relating a fascinating hadith of the Prophet (P) that foretells the stages of success and failure for the ummah until the end of time. He also looks at three major diseases that are at the heart of the matter: loyalty to other than Allah, lack of knowledge and understanding, and disunity. Other topics discussed: fear and hope, the lure of Shaitan, khalifah, and the necessary correlation between belief and action. (Duration: 1 hour) Jamal Badawi is a professor of management and religious studies at Saint Mary’s University in Nova Scotia. He is a well-known author, activist and speaker on Islam who appears often on television and radio. He serves on the board of CAIR-Canada and is also a member of the Fiqh Council of North America and the European Council for Fatwa and Research.