Marriage: What Makes It Work? – Alpha-Him Jobe

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1) Tranquility Comes From Taqwa
2) There Is No Subjugation in Marriage
3) Wealth
4) Beauty and Prestige
5) Religiosity
6) Assessment and Conditions For Getting Married
7) Family Involvement
8) Pregnancy is a Shared Experience
9) Allah is Always Observing You
10) Honorable Intention
11) Fair Knowledge of Each Other
12) Compatibility and Reasonable Dowry
13) Good Will
14) Meeting and Seeing Each Other Before Marriage?
15) Not Marrying Until Mr. or Ms. Right Comes Along?
16) Pure Intention
17) What’s Wrong With A Small Dowry?
18) Marriage Completes Your Faith?
19) Women Working Outside the Home?

The Islamic perspective on this very popular topic reveals pertinent information that can help Muslims in leading a life of peace and tranquility in the home. What are some practical ways in which we can establish a marriage that is successful and pleasing to Allah? At a Florida retreat Alpha-Him Jobe, the late imam from New York City, answers this question and addresses many issues of importance such as taqwa, justice, respect, compatibility, wealth, beauty, prestige, character, honourable intention, assessment, preparation, maturity, reasonable dowry, good will, love, compassion and leadership. The speaker’s knowledge, wit and engaging style result in a talk that can benefit both married couples and those seeking marriage. Other topics discussed: pregnancy, marriage by choice not by force, seeing each other before marriage, marriage completing half of faith, and the wife helping in the support of the household. (Duration: 1 hour, 8 min) Alpha-Him Jobe was widely known for his taqwa, humility, knowledge and wisdom. Born in Gambia, he was educated at Ummul Qura University in Saudi Arabia. He passed away in a car accident in 1997. Actively aiding communities across America, his work will continue to inspire Muslims and non-Muslims alike, God-willing. Please keep him in your dua’s.

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