Islam and the New World Order – Abdullah Hakim Quick

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1) A Speech From the Heart
2) Deception is Very Powerful
3) The Tragic Case of Algeria
4) The Comforting Words of Prophet Moses (P)
5) 1492: The Peak of the Islamic Civilization
6) The Most Frightening Thing About Islam
7) This is Healthy Islam
8) Propaganda is Demonizing Islam
9) The New Secular Order
10) Muslims Caught Up in the Deception
11) The Culture of Commercialization
12) Are We Progressing Toward the Prophetic Model?
13) The Islamic New World Order
14) Questions and Answers

Illuminati? Conspiracy theories? Secret societies? While neither confirming nor denying these, the speaker does shed light on a general “conspiracy” to deceive the masses of the people. In sharing his experiences of traveling throughout the Muslim world, Imam Quick suggests that we live in a very confusing time, due in large part to the tactics employed by mass media. Various means are being utilized everyday to manipulate people’s perception of reality, and thus have corrupted the hearts and minds of millions throughout the world. Unfortunately, many Muslims have fallen victim to this deception as well. This straight-forward talk warns that Muslims must be aware of this conspiracy to establish a secular world order, understand the methods behind it, be on guard against it, and strive to establish the “Islamic” world order. Other topics discussed: the culture of commercialization, the possibility of a true Islamic state, slavery, Algeria, Muslim rule in Spain, Islamic economics vs. interest, fear and hope, “thuggish” attitudes among the youth, the mercy of the Prophet (P), helping Muslims in other parts of the world, centralized leadership, women covering the face, Halloween, and associating with non-Muslim family members during their holiday celebrations. (Duration: 1 hour, 20 min)

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