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Islam in America: A Panel Discussion – Hamza Yusuf

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1) Islam is Not a Church
2) The Immigrant Phenomenon
3) The Cultural Gap
4) Indigenous American Muslims
5) A Diverse Landscape
6) Fear and Ignorance
7) Rise Above the Stereotypes
8) Islam: An American Phenomenon
9) The British Perspective
10) Christian-Muslim Interaction?
11) Muslims in the U.S. Military
12) Arab = Moeslim?

A distinguished panel of three speakers that makes a historical survey of the landscape of Islam in America. Hamza Yusuf looks at the various groupings of the immigrant/indigenous Muslim communities and the diversity and persuasions that exist within them. He also considers the fascinating and frightening aspects that the enormous growth of Islam presents for Muslims and non-Muslims in America. Hakim Archuletta elaborates on Hamza’s comments with the hope that non-Muslims will better be able to interact and relate with Muslims they may meet. And Ruqaiyyah Maqsood closes out the panel by sharing her experience of the growth of Islam in England and how there is, indeed, a genuine interest in Islam amongst the natives in the U.K. as well. Other topics: Americanization of Muslim names, the Nation of Islam, the dar al Islam movement, and sufi orders.