Peer Pressure Workshop – Ahmad Sakr

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1) Introduction
2) Pressure of Parties
3) Sex and Alcohol
4) Dealing With Bullies – Part 1
5) Men and Women Interaction
6) The Alternative to Dating
7) Can Women Dance Among Women?
8) Being Friends With Those Who Smoke/Drink
9) Sitting Next to Girls on the Bus
10) Haram Food in Public Schools
11) Is Zabiha Really Halal in America?
12) Perfume and Cologne? / Leather Handbags?
13) Differences of Opinions
14) Dressing For School Sports Activities
15) Praying During School Hours
16) Educate Yourself Before You Explain Islam to Others
17) Muslim Youth: Be Yourself, Be Different
18) Dealing With Bullies – Part 2
19) Perfume For Women?
20) Ask ‘Why’, Say ‘No’
21) Why Do You Love Islam?

Partying, dating, drinking and pre-marital sex have become normal practices in Western society. And many Muslim youth in the West, especially those is public school, feel the pressure to conform to these norms on a daily basis. Ahmad Sakr tackles these issues head-on with a workshop meant to be a starting point for finding solutions to this predicament. His convincing approach is simple, straight-forward, humorous and daring. Hear about Dr. Sakr’s own personal experience of peer pressure and how he dealt with it. And also get practical advice from college-age Muslims who have traveled down the same road but were able to triumph over the pressures they faced. This candid, interactive workshop allows the youth in attendance to open up and inquire about the issues troubling them in their social dealings which are negatively affecting their faith. An equally important session for both youth and parents! (Duration: 1 hour, 35 min) Ahmad Sakr was educated at the American University in Beirut and the University of Illinois where he received his PhD. He received his Islamic education through the late Grand Mufti of Lebanon and from Muslim scholars from neighboring countries. He is president of the Foundation for Islamic Knowledge and has written over 56 books about Islam.

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