Let’s Talk About Domestic Violence – Mohamed Magid

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1) The Importance of the Marriage Contract
2) Husband and Wife Must Function as a Pair
3) Prophet Muhammad (P) Brought Comfort and Happiness Into the Home
4) Those Who Are Best to Their Families
5) The Home Should Be a Place of Tranquility
6) Successful Divorce
7) Mercy and Love in Marriage
8) Islam Enjoins Practical Behavior
9) There is No Shame in Reporting Spousal Abuse
10) Closing Dua

Domestic violence is a sad reality in many Muslim homes. But shame and fear prevent victims from talking about it or seeking help. Mohamed Magid, dedicated and tireless marriage counselor and imam, takes on this difficult issue by analyzing the root causes of violence between spouses. He looks at the importance of the marriage contract, the proper understanding of how a husband and wife should function in the home, and how Prophet Muhammad (P) brought comfort and happiness into the home. He also discusses divorce, mercy and love in marriage and how Islam enjoins practical behavior. At the end of the day, there is no shame in talking about and reporting spousal abuse. Women, as well as men, must be empowered with knowledge and courage to deal with the matter and to prevent further injustice, serious injury or even death from occurring.

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