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The Muslim Woman In This Contemporary Society – Munir El-Kassem

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1) Pre-Modern Europe’s Ignorant View of Women
2) Male and Female Originated Creation
3) Confusion: Does ‘Equal’ Mean ‘Identical’?
4) The Islamic Standard is the Basis For Comparison
5) Never Be Embarrassed of Islam
6) Sacrificing Your Family For Your Career!
7) The Crisis of the American Family
8) Understanding Our Roles in Society
9) Was Adam Created First?
10) Sisters Speaking in Public
11) Sisters Without a Wali: How to Seek a Spouse?
12) Marrying Four Wives?
13) Role of Muslim Women in Da’wah?
14) Why Muslim Women Cannot Marry Non-Muslims?
15) Men Have a Degree Over Women?
16) Modesty in Entertainment? / Make-up and Perfume?

From pre-modern Europe’s ignorant view of women to the crisis facing the modern-day Muslim family, Munir El-Kassem presents the Islamic perspective on gender issues by discussing the equality, identity and functional roles of men and women. Looking at the idea that both male and female originated creation, he discusses their equality in the eyes of God. But does “equal” mean “identical”? And how does this notion affect each one’s role in contemporary society? Are we falling into the trap of judging Islam against Western secular standards? With his rational and intelligent approach, Dr. Munir inspires the audience to rediscover the universal standard of Islam that can be a guide in our perceptions of the opposite sex, a means for improving our family life, and an aid in teaching and raising our children. Other topics discussed: wearing hijab with confidence, career vs. homemaking, sisters speaking in public, providing a support system for those seeking marriage, pursuing marriage without a wali, why men can have four wives, the role of women in da’wah, Muslim women not being allowed to marry non-Muslim men, civic law vs. Islamic law of divorce, men having a degree over women, modesty in entertainment, and women wearing make-up and perfume. (Duration: 1 hour, 22 min)