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War and Violence: Islam’s Perspective – Mohamed Magid

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1) Is ‘Holy War’ in the Qur’an (Koran)?
2) What Are the Reasons That Justify Violence in Islam?
3) Islam Values All Life
4) The Misuse of Religion
5) The Ethics of War in Islam
6) How Can We Avoid War?
7) Islam’s View on Suicide Bombers?
8) The Conflict in Sudan?
9) Prophet Muhammad’s (P) March on Mecca
10) Islam’s View on Killing Innocent People?
11) The Three Levels of Jihad

On the campus of Georgetown University in Washington D.C., Imam Mohamed Magid discusses the Islamic perspective of war and violence. He immediately addresses the misunderstood term of “jihad” and the media’s misuse of the term “holy war”. He then outlines the reasons, from an Islamic perspective, that justify the use of violence. And then he makes a very effective argument that shows how other religious texts can easily be taken out of context and misused by their zealous believers. This 40 minute presentation is good for non-Muslims who may have an inaccurate view of Islam as well as Muslims who may be harboring extremist or intolerant feelings. Mohamed Magid is a well-known and highly respected Imam from Sudan who currently resides in the Northern Virginia area. His sober and balanced approach is refreshing, especially in light of all the negative rhetoric prevalent in the media regarding this topic.